Are You a Small Business Owner who is. . .


  • With way too much to do in too little time?
  • Wanting to make more money in less time?
  • Wondering what became of the JOY of business ownership?
  • Ready to triple your free time and have more fun in your life?
  • Find yourself almost approaching the edge of chaos and confusion

. . . And ready to shout, “ENOUGH! I can’t stand it anymore!”

Everyone wants to live stress free. Yet few know how easy it can be.


Renee Barnow, the Agent of Calm

I’m Renée Barnow, known as the Agent of Calm.

Contact me if you’re overwhelmed about something you want done and want immediate, sustainable and positive change. Learn how to break through to calm in 2 minutes or less.

Without a calm and clear mind. . .

  • You go through your days frazzled and exhausted without ever accomplishing anything except busywork and unimportant details
  • You aren’t able to focus on the crucial steps that bring money and profits into your business
  • Your thoughts run out of control into an abyss of confusion and depression
  • You lose the confidence that you can create a successful business

Before your dream business turns into a scary nightmare, jump off that merry-go-round and relax into your right line in business! I’ll show you the simple strategies you can apply TODAY that will have you calm, focused, productive and successful while having fun and exclaiming, “I can’t believe it can be so easy!”

You’ll be able to take a deep breath, clear away the mental (and physical) clutter, smile, laugh and step into being who you really are—achieving goals and sharing your unique brilliance with the world.

“Your questions helped me quickly identify my goals and clarify my passion. . . Thank you for helping me understand where I want to be and how to get there.”
—Rebecca, Program Coordinator making Career Transition

Get Unstuck

. . .Let Your Productivity Prowess Shine!

With focused and deliberate action, based on your true goals, values and priorities, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish in one hour—let alone one day.

You’ll get more done in less time and move through your goals with lightning speed.

As Rightline’s Agent of Calm, with sprinkles of humor, I will guide you to inspired and focused action so you can:

  • Eliminate stress
  • Identify and release what is blocking your progress
  • Make wise and sound business decisions that lead to money and profits
  • Thrive through business and personal challenges
  • Achieve your goals with ease . . . and fun

Have More Fun

. . .and enjoy life with ease!

With one life to live, I know you went into business to bring your gifts and talents to the world. . .to make life better for others and yourself. . .to freely make choices about your business direction and be your own boss.

Frustration, worry, stress and overwhelm were NOT part of your dream—and they don’t need to be part of your life. Life as we design it is meant to be fun and easy.

It’s easy to see the humor and fun in most any situation when you approach life with a positive attitude. In fact, positivity is like a reset button that calms negativity.

I’ll show you how simple yet powerful mindset shifts will quickly move you from working hard to living with grace and ease so you can enjoy more fun in your life and business each and every day.

Enjoy More Profit$$

As you apply the strategies I teach, you’ll feel your heart rate slow down, your sense of calm and optimism increase and your ability to approach each day with focused and deliberate action skyrocket.

The Merry-Go-Round of Stress, Frustration and Overwhelm that’s had your head spinning will become a Carousel of Fun, Joy, Positive Action, Accomplishments and Profits.

“Prior to working with Renée, I didn’t feel comfortable with how I was positioning myself in the marketplace because I wasn’t capturing what my passions really are. Renée helped me get clarity around what I’m most interested in so that I can articulate that well, market myself more effectively, and most important, know how to focus my time and energy.” —Lynn, Organizational Psychologist starting Consulting Company

You will be able to break old patterns and become free to explore new approaches, new solutions and new ways to think about events at work and in your life.

And these new approaches will lead to wise and sound business decisions that bring in money and profits.

“[Renee’s] coaching style helps me cut through the muck and quickly get to the core issues. I feel great when sessions end and come away refreshed, optimistic, and inspired.” —Kenneth, Executive Director

You will have my personal, focused and engaged attention to guide you into relaxing into your right line in business and life, to feel invigorated and truly energized as you build and sustain a thriving and profitable business.

Take advantage of short term personal coaching or business consulting
with guaranteed long term results.

Relax. Reach out to Rightline!

Contact Renée Barnow for your 20-minute
complimentary breakthrough session to get started now!

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