What’s the boulder blocking YOUR path?

Got any idea what it is, or how to break it down?

I can help you clear the road QUICKLY and EASILY.

Let’s break down that boulder into small stones to clear the way in no time at all! 

If you’re ready for immediate, sustainable, positive change,

let’s focus on clearing that ONE roadblock standing in your way, to:

Create more fun and freedom
Attract greater abundance
Live with ease



Creating calm in a nanosecond.

I’m Renée Barnow, known as the Agent of Calm.

My genius is quickly helping you identify the deepest issue, then guiding you to SEE it, ACT on it and MOVE THROUGH it. 

My greatest personal goal is cracking people up! I love helping others break through to calm in two minutes or less so they shift from working hard and being hard on themselves to living with ease. I encourage clients to Get Messy. Make Mistakes. Take Chances.

Put an end to:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Procrastination
  • Indecision
  • Negativity

You’ll be able to take a deep breath, clear away the mental (and physical) clutter, smile, laugh and step into being who you really are!


Kick that stone to the curb!
Get unstuck. Shine! Relax! Have more fun!

. . .and enjoy life with ease!

Frustration, worry, stress and overwhelm aren’t part of anyone’s dream—and they don’t need to be part of your life. 

Contact me for your 20-minute complimentary breakthrough session.

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Phone  858.246.6000
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Skype  reneebarnow

Break Through to Calm Kit

More Marshmallow Meditations

You can achieve calm! Absolutely! You are in control of your choices and attitudes so take control now and work through any obstacle or negative and super challenging, sometimes seemingly impossible situation life throws at you by using the simple tools and methods in the Break Through to Calm Kit.

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It's not magic. It only feels like it! By using my simple techniques and tools anyone can break through to calm with little effort and time. Think of it as instant Tai Chi for the mind and spirit, without the learning curve.

Single copies of the book Break Through to Calm with More Marshmallow Meditations are available through Amazon.


elementsABCGet what you want, every time.

More than a book. Read and do. Monitor and measure.

Methodology for improving how we relate with others through the physical aspects of speaking and hearing.

The methodology demonstrates how our choice of a single word or short phrase can result in either connection—effective communication—or disruption a break in communication.

"Action Based Communication, ABC, is a must read for all business executives because it will help them recognize how critical communication is to understand and influencing the real world. The book also explains how to use words and language to improve connections with people and achieve better results. ABC is a language roadmap for success in business."

~ Jerry J. Jasinowski.
Founder & President, The Manufacturing Institute, National Association of Manufacturers

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